Last week, I wrote that success rates in projects are improving. The posting was based on the PMI Pulse of the Profession Report, 2017. This report is a mine of information and one aspect caught my eye on page 28 of this 29 page report. It asked the question:

“Do you believe that your organization fully understands the value of project management?” The question was asked of 510 PMO Directors. The results are shown below:

54%, – 46% no.
Source: PMI Pulse of the Profession, 2017

As you can see, 54% believe that the answer is yes and 46% believe the answer to be no.

While it is good that there are more positive results than negative I am left wondering:

  • if they asked project managers and project sponsors what would the results be?
  • what are the PMO Directors doing to ensure others fully understand the value of project management ?
  • what are we (anyone engaged in project management ) doing to show that project management adds real value to companies
  • what do we need to do to engage more with senior executives and staff to show the real value of project management?
  • are we focussing on benefits management?
  • how can we improve on the 54%?

Do you believe that your organization fully understands the value of project management?

There are so many questions that could be asked with lots of answers. So, what is  your question and your answer?

PMI Pulse of the Profession Report, 2017 

Picture courtesy of Outi- Maaria Palo -oja – Google Images (Labelled for use with modifications)

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