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Stop that project roll out – ensure you pilot it first.

I was running a project management course and we got round to discussing project planning. The discussion moved in the direction of piloting a roll out of a project. One person asked for an example and I gave them from where I live. The London Borough of Barnet has been changing its refuse collection service. Instead of two small bins … Read More >

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Getting more for less requires engagement to succeed.

By Alison Smith In the current climate, many (if not all organisations) are being tasked to achieve more, for less. Fees can be measured in time as well as money. The same is true in projects, the drive is to deliver faster, cheaper, and better results – but how can you achieve your goals under these constraints? One of the … Read More >

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Retired couple

“The perception is different from the reality”

I was invited to the retirement part of a company Director. It was someone who I had met over the months of working in the company and I felt pleased to be invited. We were looking back at his career and he was in a very reflective mood and he uttered the above words when we were taking about project … Read More >

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Right and  wrong keys

We’ll learn from that – but will you and will the company?

That’s what I heard the coach of the team say. Two weeks later he said the same thing about the same situation. It was not just me; several people commented the same problem existed 2 weeks ago but what has been done to try and rectify the situation. Had they learnt? Maybe they had identified the lessons to learn but … Read More >

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How often do you take the helicopter view?

I have recently emerged from an incredibly busy time. Various courses need to be prepared, researching (including a visit to the it The British Library), writing and discussions with clients. I was so busy that I did not even have time to blog! Then I took a step back. In fact, it was to take a helicopter view. You see, … Read More >

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Organise definition

What does project management mean to me?

How on earth did I get into project management? Let me go back some 20 years. I was what we would call today an OD Manager (organisation development manager). I worked with managers to bring about change. I was sat in my office and there was a knock on the door: “Do you have a few minutes Ron?” That was … Read More >

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