Why is project management so fragmented in companies?

I was in email discussion with a senior manager about project management. I asked a number of questions including; how things have progressed since running a wide range of project courses, who was now in overall control of project management and whether there had been any financial return on investment (ROI) from all the training, including working with the board … Read More >

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Are you always thinking customer care in your projects?

It was a bad afternoon. I had three arguments on the phone. Two were with banks and one with a utility company. I put the phone down about 4-15 pm feeling exhausted and not happy. I decided the best therapy was to go for a walk and I enjoyed the sun of North London. It struck me part way through … Read More >

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How much project management information do you share?

I recently had a great conversation with Mark Ritchie who is the Deputy Director and Head of Project Services at the University of Edinburgh. Mark told me that the University developed a Projects Web site for which the key design requirement was the ability to share project information with stakeholders across the University. Access to the site is open to … Read More >

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Good project management skills are not enough

It was said seriously and with a clear message: “I am a qualified and skilled project manager.” To give it a context; this was during a two day project management course where I had worked the groups hard on a case study project. They were on the ‘home straight’ looking at project monitoring and control. I suggested that there were … Read More >

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Project management templates – are they worth while doing?

I was coming towards the end of a recent project management course when someone raised the above question. This guy was pretty clear that they were a waste of time, bureaucratic and offered no real benefit. I asked the group to split into smaller groups and go away and discuss the merits or not of having project management templates. The … Read More >

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Are you breaching copyright?

The day was going really well. An early morning swim, emails dealt with (swiftly) and then the post arrived… That’s when my day went off plan. In the post a letter arrived from a company saying that my company, Project Agency had breached copyright on a photo that was within a .pdf document. They demanded £510 (approximately $875 – “the … Read More >

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