My plea to project sponsors

Project manager (PM) – so you are asking me to deliver this project by 30 January 2013? (This is after a 30 minute discussion about the project) Project sponsor (PS) – yes, that’s right PM – At this stage, I cannot be certain that we can deliver this by the end date. PS. Why do you say this? PM –  … Read More >

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7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins of project management

The course was going really well. The group was really engaged and we were even ahead on time. Then came the question: What would you say are the 7 deadly sins of project management? It brought a few smiles from the group. I suggested as were near the end of the project management course why not split into 3 groups … Read More >

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Can you help us please? We have no direction.

Lost, but we reached our destination. Like your projects?

We had a great holiday. We went from the UK to the States (hence the gap of a few weeks in posts). For part of the holiday we hired a car. Now my geography of the Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Boston areas is pretty poor so I was rather hoping the hire company supplied a map. Such old fashioned … Read More >

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security vest

Olympic security debacle – lack of controls?

The UK media and newspapers are so full of a story it I thought I would add my thought – specifically the link with project management. An overview The Olympic Games start in 7 days and it’s reported that ‘we are good to go.’ Well almost. For those who have not read about the security debacle you may want to … Read More >

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The team has a view however so does the project team and the new team member!

The new project team member – 3 views

So the new team member will come on board shortly. The previous team member left the company to take a job 300 miles away and that was some 5 weeks ago. How on earth will he ever catch up? How will he fit in? Here is a snap shot of thinking from three viewpoints: the new team member the project … Read More >

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Does your gateway process REALLY work?

Where is your project Gateway review?

I have worked in many companies where they employ a Gateway review process. I have given the word a capital ‘G’ as I believe it warrants it though my wife; the Grammarian in the family would really quibble! I believe the Gateway process has a significant and strategic place in project and programme management so let’s look at what a … Read More >

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