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Project minutes v project action points…which is your choice?

We often talk about the highlight report as being one or two pages long giving literally the highlights of the project since the last report. There is an interesting contrast with minutes of project meetings. This was brought home during a project management course last year. One person said that they provided one to two page highlight reports but said … Read More >

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This project has no cost; no budget!

During our Perfect Project Course I ask people about their projects and link their current project into an estimating activity. I ask a range of questions; one being the budget for the project. I would say around 75% of people respond by saying they have no budget! I query this and ask some supplementary questions such as: • how long … Read More >

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Can I please check; are you my project sponsor?

Project Manager (PM): Can I just check, are you the project sponsor for this project? Project Sponsor (PS): Yes, I thought you knew that PM: Well, I thought it was the case however, no one has formally told me. I am putting together various documents for this project which will take me quite a while. I want to talk with … Read More >

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Can you manage yourself; how effective are you?

How well do you drive your car? Can you improve the miles per gallon (or litre) by driving just that little bit slower or avoiding breaking so sharply or anticipating the traffic ahead? Few of us admit to driving badly…how many admit to not being as effective at work as they could be – including project managers? Some tough questions … Read More >

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What is your project management capacity?

What’s your project management capacity?

A throw away comment in a recent meeting really made me sit up: “We only have capacity for 20 projects in our business.” The comment was made by a manager of a PMO who is keen to develop project management skills of others in the business still further. I have often suggested we need to: 1. develop a list of key … Read More >

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I don’t know where to start with this project.

We have developed a very practical project management course and towards the end of the last day of one of our courses one of the participants said: “This handbook is great and really does support the course. Do you have a one page summary?” I must admit, I was not too pleased with the comment as: • I had no … Read More >

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