Forming your own project management Academy

I have often said that simply sending anyone on a project management training course (this can be to attain specific qualification or to develop skills) will not in itself make them a better project manager. Clearly, the course will help but developing people to be proficient in project management is a long term process and needs to be continued beyond … Read More >

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Project managers, you have a lot of responsibility

I asked a group of people on one of our courses to identify all of the documents they may have used during a project. I also asked them to look at who has the responsibility for ensuring the documents were delivered or prepared. The list was pretty long and included areas such as risk log, communications plan, business case, project … Read More >

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Do you have gates in your project?

In the spoof western film Blazing Saddles someone uttered these immortal words: “We’ll head them off at the pass!” Hedley Lamarr (played by Harvey Kolman) says “I hate that cliché!” and promptly shoots one of the actors in the foot. (I did say it was spoof western!) So what is the link between this and project management? Let’s look for … Read More >

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You should reduce project quality to save time and money

OK, let’s start with the get out clause. There are many projects where high quality is essential. To reduce the quality in many projects could (and will) be disastrous. However, there are those projects where more focus on quality standards (reducing them) could save valuable time and money. There are many types of project and for some, high quality and … Read More >

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Third Sector Project Management

I am frequently asked: “How do I get into project management.” The answer of course depends upon the background and experience of the individual. A frequent suggestion is that the person goes to a charity and offer to volunteer and gain some project management experience that way. Up to today, there was no where to send anyone, no where to … Read More >

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How effective is your project team?

I get many grumbles and negative comments when people start to talk about their project teams during project management training courses . The complaints are mainly about resourcing especially team selection. When I probe further it appears as though little time has been put into either selecting team members or building the actual teams. So how do you select project … Read More >

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