We need more sex in project management.

Well, not quite. Picture the scene; a group of around 100 management consultants all talking to each other about what we do. I was talking to one of the organisers about what I did – the elevator pitch bit! He looked at me for a moment and said; “the words project management are such a turn off. You need to … Read More >

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Can you live without mobile communications?

Bags were packed, tickets ready and fingers on the mobile to turn off roaming and the mobile ‘phone. Why turn off the mobile ‘phone? It has been a busy period and I wanted a complete break and so did my wife Sue. So, we booked to go to Paris and I did the dirty deed, turned off my mobile ‘phone … Read More >

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The project crept forward, very slowly – because of the changes!

After one week: • several small additions to the project • no reduction in tasks! After two weeks: • several more small changes are added and one possible major change – waiting for senior managers to make a decision! • no reductions in tasks! After 4 weeks: • major addition – still no decision from senior, though work started work … Read More >

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Can you have too much feedback?

Pawel Brodzinski asked the above question on Twitter recently. As soon as I saw this I replied as follows: Can you receive “too much” feedback? NO!!! Too few people receive any and the quality of it is questionable I speak to a lot of people: training managers – they complain that the annual appraisals are ‘slow’ in coming in – … Read More >

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Project structure; it killed the project

I did not like what I saw and heard! I had been asked if I would train a group of professional managers who were tasked with delivering some key business projects. According to my contact, “these people are struggling to deliver their projects.” I asked to meet with a few of the project managers to check out needs in more … Read More >

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So, what are we delivering?

I was stumped when I had a group of 7 people – all from the same team, asked the above question. The request to work with this group came from their manager. He told me that the team had a project to work on and needed to develop their project management skills. What does this project look like? During the … Read More >

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