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What will you be remembered for?

I have recently taken up Nordic Walking (many thanks to Saracens Rugby Club Sports Foundation for the taster session) and I am really enjoying it. I recently decided to go to Trent Park (in  Enfield) ) for a long walk and while walking I stopped for a moment to absorb what was around me. It was breath taking – trees … Read More >

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Why bad projects are so hard to kill

  The project is going well. The prototype has been approved and will be ready in 2 weeks. The budget looks a little strained, which  will soon be sorted once approval for development is given and then the cash will start to flow. Or so they thought. But then the regulations changed. This meant that the prototype was not up … Read More >

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I’ve started so I’ll finish (the project) *

How many projects you have worked on or have come across that should have been stopped part way through? How many projects have suddenly outlived the original intention? How many projects are so far behind schedule that no matter how many people you throw at it, it will not be delivered by the due date? I’m talking about the stopping … Read More >

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How to say no without saying no!

I wrote a Blog some 4 years ago called “When a Project Manager has to say no.” It was based on someone who attended one of our project management courses who wanted me to tell him how to say no. Well, the same thing happened recently. Someone quietly came up to me at the first coffee break and said that … Read More >

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This weeks BIG question.

How realistic are the project benefits? This week I was invited to the South West of England PPM forum (for public sector staff). It was a really interesting day and one comment caught my attention. One local council has created a BENEFITS MANAGEMENT Board. The Board meets with project executives (sponsors or Senior Responsible Owners) to assess the real benefits … Read More >

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These business benefits do not stack up

Project Manager (PM): I have had a look at this project we talked about last week and I wanted to take about 10 minutes discussing it with you. Project Sponsor (PS): What’s to discuss? I thought it was all going OK. PM: Well, I’m not sure that there is a project to work on. Let me explain. PS: Yes, you … Read More >

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