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Project running out of gas...?

Who owns project management in your company? *

I did an interesting piece of work recently. The company had its own project management approach which had been updated. The PMO Manager wanted some training to ensure that people not only knew about the revised approach, but refreshed their project management skills. I have now run several events for this client and it is clear that: the previous project … Read More >

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Business case cartoon

Do you carry out a primary survey before starting a project?

By Alison Smith Last weekend I attended an essential first aid course run by St John’s Ambulance. Whilst it covered many life saving skills, as well as treating minor injuries, we initially spent some time discussing how you carry out a primary survey. Just to explain a little more; the idea is that if you come across a casualty, before … Read More >

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How to say no without saying no!

I wrote a Blog some 4 years ago called “When a Project Manager has to say no.” It was based on someone who attended one of our project management courses who wanted me to tell him how to say no. Well, the same thing happened recently. Someone quietly came up to me at the first coffee break and said that … Read More >

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numbers not stacking up

The numbers simply don’t stack up.

In 2009 I wrote a blog called Projects at NIL cost! Essentially, I found that (too) many project managers were working on projects without including any estimate of the cost of their time. In general, management time was not costed. Move forward to October 2012 and the West coast mainline franchise fiasco. (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/oct/03/west-coast-mainline-rail-franchise-cancellation-reaction) It is interesting to see that … Read More >

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7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins of project management

The course was going really well. The group was really engaged and we were even ahead on time. Then came the question: What would you say are the 7 deadly sins of project management? It brought a few smiles from the group. I suggested as were near the end of the project management course why not split into 3 groups … Read More >

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The team has a view however so does the project team and the new team member!

The new project team member – 3 views

So the new team member will come on board shortly. The previous team member left the company to take a job 300 miles away and that was some 5 weeks ago. How on earth will he ever catch up? How will he fit in? Here is a snap shot of thinking from three viewpoints: the new team member the project … Read More >

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