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Which one is most important?

Which project management template is the most important?

I was asked this question late last year on one of our project management training courses. I had introduced the group to a range of templates over the two days and one person asked this question towards the end of the day. I responded by saying that this was the first time I had been asked this question. I threw … Read More >

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Everything is under control

This is why change control is so important

It was the final afternoon of the project management course and one of the participants had everyone listening. She was new to the company and said a number of very important things: she was the only one in the family who did not go into the family business – a building company the family company made a significant amount of money … Read More >

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Brent Cross

Shopping, it’s surely like a project?

My wife will tell you I am the world’s worst shopper. She is as usual, probably right! Take last Sunday. She has a significant birthday coming up and I wanted to buy her a special present so off to Brent Cross shopping centre we went. We started off well and we explored a range of jewellers without much luck. From … Read More >

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I must stop changing my mind. There again......

Does your client keep changing their mind?

Client (CL): We had an interesting discussion yesterday on the reorganisation project. We concluded that we wanted to include maintenance into the project. It’s a natural link into what we are doing. Project Manager (PM): That’s interesting. You may recall we discussed the project scope, and when we did maintenance was specifically seen as out of scope. CL: Understood. However, … Read More >

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plane taking off

A project is like an aeroplane.

When a plane takes off around 90% of them are off course. This is because of wind, physics and general weather issues. The plane (project) is put back on course by signals from beacons (project reviews) and changes are made to put the plan (project) back on course. It lands at its destination successfully…(like your project) Among other things, you … Read More >

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Change management – it makes money (for others)

She held the group with her illustrations of money making. This is the only way I can describe a course we ran for a client. A relatively new staff member explained that she was the only member of her family not to go into the family building company. It did small repairs through to major builds. She explained that the … Read More >

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