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This project has no cost; no budget!

During our Perfect Project Course I ask people about their projects and link their current project into an estimating activity. I ask a range of questions; one being the budget for the project. I would say around 75% of people respond by saying they have no budget! I query this and ask some supplementary questions such as: • how long … Read More >

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Project structure; it killed the project

I did not like what I saw and heard! I had been asked if I would train a group of professional managers who were tasked with delivering some key business projects. According to my contact, “these people are struggling to deliver their projects.” I asked to meet with a few of the project managers to check out needs in more … Read More >

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The case for the prosecution is….

Well not quite…but maybe we should in the project management world be thinking more about prosecuting! Why? People who we meet have suggested to us that many projects in their company are started on a ‘wing and a prayer.’ By this they are started as a whim; someone’s ‘great idea’ – an idea that will save us hundreds of thousands … Read More >

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We’re only brought in at the project planning stage

That was the plaintiff cry from some of a group on a recent project management course   Those who made the comment suggested that looking at aspects such as developing a business case or identifying and managing stakeholders and risks was not relevant to them. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir; from other course members and especially from … Read More >

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Project managers;develop your consultancy skills

The emphasis for many project managers within organisations is to further develop and build on their project management skills. This usually means attending a project management workshop, such as our two day Perfect Project event or maybe PRINCE2 or PMI or equivalent. These are really good project management courses and they will certainly help develop project management skills. However; and … Read More >

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Develop your project team and quickly!

So, Mark Hughes has been sacked from Manchester City and the football club have already appointed a replacement. Hughes was in position as manager just 18 months however after around 3 or 4 months the club was taken over and became the richest football club overnight. He spent well (around £200 million) but the results were just ‘not good enough’. … Read More >

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