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Diagram 5 on How question

We need more detail but how do we get it?

I have observed many, many people when they start a work breakdown structure (WBS). The initial enthusiasm is tempered with the call from some; we need more detail. But, they soon come to a rapid halt unable to develop the WBS any further. As one person commented, “We seem to have hit the wall.” I have seen this happen frequently … Read More >

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My plea to project sponsors

Project manager (PM) – so you are asking me to deliver this project by 30 January 2013? (This is after a 30 minute discussion about the project) Project sponsor (PS) – yes, that’s right PM – At this stage, I cannot be certain that we can deliver this by the end date. PS. Why do you say this? PM –  … Read More >

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Costs Rocket for Passport Office Project

I recently renewed my UK passport. It costs £77.50 for a ‘normal’ passport with higher fees for fast track or premium service. I did wonder why the cost was so high – the explanation; the headline ‘passport agency costs rocket’ explains all! The costs were supposed to be between £80m to £100m however the new bill looks likely to hit … Read More >

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Reduce optimistic planning bias in your projects

So, according to all the news reports, the previous Labour government here in the UK got it wrong! They forecast that economic growth would be 3.25%. The new Office for Budget Responsibility has downgraded this estimate to 2.6%. News reports suggest that the previous Labour Government were overoptimistic in their planning estimates. Cut now to projects. I hear all the … Read More >

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Do you keep records of project estimates?

People attending a recent project management workshop suggested that they needed some help estimating. I probed just that bit deeper and discovered that many people were working on what I would call ‘repeat projects.’ They are repeating a project that was done say last year or an element of a project. This led me to ask (knowing the answer) whether … Read More >

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Project estimating; avoid the must answer now syndrome

I have frequently said that consultants should practice what they preach which is what I did recently. During a meeting, I was asked by a client to commit to certain actions by certain dates “You can do this can’t you?” I clarified what was required and gave the following response: “I will need 24 hours to look at what is … Read More >

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