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Will lessons be learned?

Failed project costs taxpayers £50million

Headline news in the British press today (see here and here and here and) shows the risks in getting a project very badly wrong. A project designed to get best value for the tax payers (the franchise to run the West Coast rail service) has finished up costing an estimated £50million and the contract still needs to be tendered out! … Read More >

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Learning from project failures

I recently wrote a blog called Project failure – Do We Ever Learn . This is not the first time I have written about learning and project management so imagine my surprise when I saw a report from National Audit Office (NAO) called “Helping Government Learn”. Now before you are all turned off from reading, this is a good read; it … Read More >

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Project failure – do we ever learn?

Along with 150 other people I attended the British Computer Society Lovelace lecture in central London. The lecture given by Maurice Perks an IBM Fellow was entitled “The sins of IT projects and why they can.” The 8 sins he identified are: 1. The Challenge of Scale 2. Middleware or Fiddleware? 3. Method or Madness? 4. Where are we? 5. … Read More >

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Do we really learn from failure

I came a cross a useful Blog about learning from failures. This Blog, written by Allan Kelly is really good and I have printed the first part of it here: Its an often heard expression: “We learn from our failures”. Particularly when you’ve just failed at something: “Well put it down to experience.” I’ve always had my doubts: if we … Read More >

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