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learning diary 1

So, what have I learned this year 1?

As the year draws to a close, I sat last Sunday and decided it was time to reflect – after all, I am asking or have suggested others should do this, try here and here . Out came the note pad and I started to make some jottings. This is part I,  part II will appear next week. These are … Read More >

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Why is project management so fragmented in companies?

I was in email discussion with a senior manager about project management. I asked a number of questions including; how things have progressed since running a wide range of project courses, who was now in overall control of project management and whether there had been any financial return on investment (ROI) from all the training, including working with the board … Read More >

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PM templates

Project management templates – are they worth while doing?

I was coming towards the end of a recent project management course when someone raised the above question. This guy was pretty clear that they were a waste of time, bureaucratic and offered no real benefit. I asked the group to split into smaller groups and go away and discuss the merits or not of having project management templates. The … Read More >

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Is there a lack of control in your projects?

Why do projects fail? It’s because we do not exert enough control.

At the start of a recent project management course, I asked what goes wrong in projects. The list was interesting: change of personnel time slippage with deadlines not being met priorities unclear not having the operational capacity to do the project not being realistic with the time we have poor management of stakeholder expectations communications breakdown roles in projects not … Read More >

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Airport terminal

How many of your projects follow this learning route?

Five years ago the press had a field day: Disastrous Opening Day for Terminal 5 British Airways reveals what went wrong with Terminal 5 Technical glitches hit Terminal 5 opening Rebuilding of Terminal 2 started in July 2010 and will re-open in June this year. The bosses of Heathrow are as you could imagine ‘cautious’, and are looking quite carefully … Read More >

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Thinking figure

What do you need to change to be more effective?

“I really feel restricted by the internal processes here.” That is how a fairly long conversation started. This was a project manager who was trying to short circuit what he saw as the bureaucracy, but he was ‘having some issues’: He had not got the project team ‘with him’ – some of them complained to me that they did not … Read More >

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