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Do you really engage with stakeholders?

I came home after a long day looking forward to a lazy evening relaxing. But as I approached my garage (behind my house) the way was blocked by a lorry discharging its load. To explain; there is a building site at the end of the road where a series of apartments is being built (whatever happened to the word flat?). … Read More >

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Do you need more skilled project staff?

The more courses we run, the more times we hear the statement; “we do not get the right resources onto our projects.” Several articles point to a ‘national crisis’ (see Business Fear Skills Shortages Could Hold Back Growth or  UK firms facing ‘critical’ skills shortage ) and there is even an official government skills shortage list To deliver projects effectively … Read More >

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Does your client keep changing their mind?

Client (CL): We had an interesting discussion yesterday on the reorganisation project. We concluded that we wanted to include maintenance into the project. It’s a natural link into what we are doing. Project Manager (PM): That’s interesting. You may recall we discussed the project scope, and when we did maintenance was specifically seen as out of scope. CL: Understood. However, … Read More >

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How effective are your Project Boards

The room was booked, food and coffees organised, people invited and agenda and minutes distributed. But, what’s it all for and more importantly, was it worth it? There were 10 people on the Project Board and Departmental substitutes regularly came along and took more or less the whole meeting to get up to speed. The same 10 people rarely attended. … Read More >

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The definitive guide of who should go on a project management course

I run project management courses for many different organisations and it never ceases to amaze me that people who come along to one of our courses do not know why they are on the course or they are wondering when they will pick up their first project. Just last week I had two people on the course who asked me … Read More >

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How project managers can narrow the skills gap

I am hearing from those who attend our project management training courses that there are problems in getting the correct resources for projects: • we cannot recruit the right quality of staff • we need a specialist HR person but we do not have one A web search shows that there is a skills shortage in the UK: Open University … Read More >

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