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To do or not to do...that is the question OR maybe there are other options!

Do you believe in this project?

I often receive really interesting issues on project management courses however one recently was new: I have been asked to work on a project I do not believe in. What should I do? This course participant was involved in what was termed by her sponsor and the senior managers as a ‘key departmental project.’ There was a project team of … Read More >

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What has pruning my hydrangea bush got to do with project management?

A lot! Well we finally saw some sunshine in London over the weekend, and I asked my gardening expert (my elder sister Denise) whether it was OK to prune back all the dead wood on my hydrangeas. A definite yes saw me sitting next to this bush pruning away. While sat there my thinking juices starting to run riot: why … Read More >

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alison signing

Project Sponsor; will this meet your expectations?

You have the business case in front of you. As you are the project sponsor it’s for you to sign off. You muse over what you have in front of you. Various thoughts literally flash through your mind: The company does not have a very good record of delivering projects effectively and yet you want this one to really add … Read More >

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BBC govt lack vision

Where’s your project & programe management strategy

This morning’s news was full of criticism of the UK Government for its lack strategic thinking is leading to a “patch and mend” approach. The Public Administration Committee said an absence of national strategy was leading to “mistakes” such as those following the recent Budget. Now, there is NO way that I am going to get into a debate about … Read More >

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PM priorities 1

Too many projects – identifying priorities helps

The project management training course was going well. There was much discussion and engagement with the many exercises …but I couldn’t help feeling that I needed to address the one main issue that had come up numerous times; too many projects. But how? The clock was in our favour and I wrote a quick activity on the flipchart which read … Read More >

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Show me how to say no & the link with triple constraints

He arrived late, around 45 minutes late to be precise. He had been waiting in a traffic queue caused because 3 cars were involved in a serious accident. He was sweating and looked glad to be in the training room. I offered him some coffee which he accepted and quietly sat down. I mentioned to him we were at that … Read More >

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