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“They make it easier to keep track….”

I had an interesting conversation last week with someone who had used our project management templates. This person had seen the templates, downloaded the templates and used them. She was really pleased with them and wanted to feedback that: ….it makes it easier to keep track of the project I can protect myself and the project team We can measure … Read More >

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Gold Star award

Recognition; it’s such a powerful tool

I took a rest and for some background noise, put the TV on. The programme was Undercover Boss. (For a full description of the programme go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undercover_Boss ) This episode was based around a Calgary Transit where the boss went undercover to discover how the company was doing. I caught the last 10 minutes. It was fascinating. I was … Read More >

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Thinking figure

What do you need to change to be more effective?

“I really feel restricted by the internal processes here.” That is how a fairly long conversation started. This was a project manager who was trying to short circuit what he saw as the bureaucracy, but he was ‘having some issues’: He had not got the project team ‘with him’ – some of them complained to me that they did not … Read More >

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Resource shortages; Sponsor needs to get us more resources....

Instead of a project report, I wrote you this….

As you know I go on holiday in 3 days’ time. I am due to meet you on Friday and then I will be away for 10 working days. Instead of the usual highlight report, I thought I would send you this email to bring out some of the issues we face in the Workingate Project (WP). We are behind … Read More >

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project structure

Your first project

So, your boss has just given you your first project. You know that there are some processes and points you should cover in delivering the project but you are unsure where to go next. Here are some pointers to help you deliver on time and to budget and make that good impression! Define your project One of the first things … Read More >

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How do you motivate people?

My daughter came home last week.  She was bubbly and jubilant. She has one week to go in her current job and in advance of the new job, the company sent her a huge hamper with all of the food products she will be ‘selling.’ There was lots of food, (her words) lots of wine and a card signed by … Read More >

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