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Medicine bottles

Do you need a good dose of personal development?

I ran a two day project management course recently. The two days went well, and I had some really positive feedback. Now before you think this is some advertisement for this course it is not! It is an article which suggests updating your knowledge and your skills…on an ongoing basis. Let me explain. One of the people on the course … Read More >

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Right and  wrong keys

We’ll learn from that – but will you and will the company?

That’s what I heard the coach of the team say. Two weeks later he said the same thing about the same situation. It was not just me; several people commented the same problem existed 2 weeks ago but what has been done to try and rectify the situation. Had they learnt? Maybe they had identified the lessons to learn but … Read More >

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project structure

Your first project

So, your boss has just given you your first project. You know that there are some processes and points you should cover in delivering the project but you are unsure where to go next. Here are some pointers to help you deliver on time and to budget and make that good impression! Define your project One of the first things … Read More >

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Coffee beans

Training is like coffee – you need the right blend!

By Alison Smith, Project Agency As technology increases so does the pressure on efficiency and return on investment in projects, and for day to day tasks. With the cost of training staff increasing financially, time out of the office being a real issue the question is; “how can I train my staff effectively, whilst keeping down the financial and time … Read More >

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My staff need training but I can’t spare them from work…

By Alison Smith, Project Agency This is a cry that is commonly heard in organisations that people need training to be more effective in projects, but they are held back by day to day workload pressures. How can they be released for 1 – 2 days training when there are deadlines to be met? The real question is how can … Read More >

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Put yourself into 2nd position in your project

I often ask groups I am working with what’s it like putting yourself in 2nd position? Unsurprisingly, I get all sorts of strange looks and usually have to explain what I mean: Putting yourself in 2nd position is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes e.g. a project stakeholder –looking at the project from their point of view During a case … Read More >

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