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learning diary 1

So, what have I learned this year 1?

As the year draws to a close, I sat last Sunday and decided it was time to reflect – after all, I am asking or have suggested others should do this, try here and here . Out came the note pad and I started to make some jottings. This is part I,  part II will appear next week. These are … Read More >

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Retired couple

“The perception is different from the reality”

I was invited to the retirement part of a company Director. It was someone who I had met over the months of working in the company and I felt pleased to be invited. We were looking back at his career and he was in a very reflective mood and he uttered the above words when we were taking about project … Read More >

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Thomas Kennedy

Projects happen in many ways

I am indebted to Thomas Kennedy (@ThePMCoach) who tweeted: “Project happen in two ways: Planned and then executed or Executed, stopped, planned and then executed” I looked at this and thought; Thomas, good stuff however what about all the other (many many options)? Here are some more: Planned, executed, risk identified, re-planned, re-executed and another risk identified or Planned, senior … Read More >

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How to say no without saying no!

I wrote a Blog some 4 years ago called “When a Project Manager has to say no.” It was based on someone who attended one of our project management courses who wanted me to tell him how to say no. Well, the same thing happened recently. Someone quietly came up to me at the first coffee break and said that … Read More >

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Old hosptal ward

How well do you motivate your project team?

I visited a relative in hospital recently. Nothing too serious I am pleased to say. What struck me was the awful ward; huge ceilings, poor facilities and even worse; demotivated staff. Now I do not criticise people lightly so what led me to this conclusion: buzzers to attract staff went unanswered for some time phone messages were not passed on … Read More >

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Show me how to say no & the link with triple constraints

He arrived late, around 45 minutes late to be precise. He had been waiting in a traffic queue caused because 3 cars were involved in a serious accident. He was sweating and looked glad to be in the training room. I offered him some coffee which he accepted and quietly sat down. I mentioned to him we were at that … Read More >

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