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Are you always thinking customer care in your projects?

It was a bad afternoon. I had three arguments on the phone. Two were with banks and one with a utility company. I put the phone down about 4-15 pm feeling exhausted and not happy. I decided the best therapy was to go for a walk and I enjoyed the sun of North London. It struck me part way through … Read More >

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Resource shortages; Sponsor needs to get us more resources....

Instead of a project report, I wrote you this….

As you know I go on holiday in 3 days’ time. I am due to meet you on Friday and then I will be away for 10 working days. Instead of the usual highlight report, I thought I would send you this email to bring out some of the issues we face in the Workingate Project (WP). We are behind … Read More >

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From Tweetdeck

Come on, let’s make it compulsory.

I had some interesting comments from Neil Walker on twitter recently. This was in response to a question I posed; should stakeholder management be compulsory for all projects. Neil said not unreasonably: “Is it not already? Stakeholder management is compulsory on all projects I have managed/directed.” He went on to say that it was like trying to navigate through the … Read More >

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We need to make it easy for people to understand project management language

Project management terminolgy – what a turn off

Over the years, I have worked with many professionals – from doctors to engineers; from educators to accountants; from marketers to managers. Each professional group has its own terminology and TLA’s and FLA’s (three and four letter abbreviations – sorry; had to get those in) which for the outsider becomes difficult to follow. But when exactly does tradition become the … Read More >

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Three and a half hours to get a new phone - customer VERY unhappy

How happy are your project stakeholders?

I couldn’t believe it, nor could my wife. It took three and a half hours to change our mobile phones. Even the shop manager was surprised. We left the shop feeling exhausted and disappointed. “End result fouled up by the process” was how my wife expressed it! In the drive home I wondered how many project stakeholders feel the same … Read More >

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Stakeholders, love ‘em or hate ‘em – you still need to manage them effectively

Last week I ran a project management course for a client and I ran the same event this week for a different client. As part of the build up to the course I send out a document with objectives, course content as well as a questionnaire which we discuss early on day 1. One of the questions reads “what sort … Read More >

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