Does your company have its own project management house style? *

The project management maturity model suggests that if you have your own project management framework (house style) and it is used then you are at level 3 of a 5 level project management maturity model.

In other words: “There will be a consistent set of standards being used across the organisation with clear process ownership.”

One of the expressed views of participants on our project management courses is the need for a project management house style that is tried, tested and practical.

How does a company develop its own project management house style?

We suggest a number of options:

1. Using a unique template approach developed by Project Agency. This saves reinventing the wheel and tests out best practice from a number of tried and tested approaches as well as engaging key stakeholders

2. Running our Perfect Project course to a selected group of people and using this to measure appropriateness to the business and then running a workshop after this to really fine tune what is needed

3. Interviewing key players involved in projects in the business – senior managers, project managers, key stakeholders – reviewing our findings and designing a project management process and test it out

We use the outcomes of the above to develop a series of specific in-house project management training courses. This is targeted training, which includes senior managers is not ‘sheep dip.’.

So the question is this:

Do you have a repeatable project management house style that is used by all within your company? If not….and don’t forget, producing your own project management approach is a project

*House style – the way we manage projects around here.

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