I need more resources

A common cry from people we work with the lack of resources available to them. One aspect we mention on our courses is the need to use every method you can to obtain not only skilled resources but skilled recourses that are available to support you in your project.

But how can you do this?

I was amazed when working in one organisation when Nick, one of my colleagues was able to orchestrate extra resources simply because he knew the organisation far better than I did! I leant a lot from this; mainly that Nick had (and still has) excellent networking skills. My network was so slim as to be size zero!

Networking is a real skills and it is something rarely mentioned as a tool for resourcing projects. Partnership arrangements are becoming much more common – especially among our public sector readers. These arrangements commonly mean the involvement of members of community groups, or a partner organisation. These often become really valuable resources for some of the people involved in projects however…..the key is to tease out those recourses which Nick seemed to be able to pull in so easily.

So how can you develop a strategy for networking? Why not visit another blog by an expert? Have a look at Andy Lopata’s blog – click on this link http://networkingandreferrals.blogspot.com/ and read how to set up your networking strategy. Read from a real expert.

Happy networking

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