Help needed for research project – read on…

I was contacted recently by an undergraduate student who is doing some research into project management. After Stuart interviewed me, I had an email asking me for help in widening the numbers involved in the research.

Let Stuart take up the story:

My name is Stuart Murray and I am a 4th year undergraduate student doing research into Project Management as part of my degree dissertation. I have been conducting interviews with some top project professionals and have developed a survey to use in a second phase of research to get a wider set of results. The survey is online, has 5 short questions and will explore a new area of thinking concerning project managers and their development. It will take no more than 5 mins to do but your contribution will be of great value to this piece of work and to future research and all those who take part will be able to receive a copy of the results. Thank you very much for your help and your time. The link to the questionnaire is:

I hope that many of you reading this will help take part in this valuable piece of research

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