Project and programme management training – the most in demand

It is always interesting to read reports and surveys and one that caught my eye recently was one carried out by Parity. This is a UK project management training company who carried out a survey among IT staff asking where companies would be investing their training budget in the future.


The interesting answer is in project and programme management training. They asked what training courses are most in demand. The answer from 64% of respondents was project and programme management


The interesting thing is that the survey showed a result that does not totally surprise me; 66% of staff are too busy at work to undertake as much training as they would like.


I have found that many staff are really pressured at work. The signs are worrying with many staff working long hours and frankly working on under resourced projects. One wonders whether the project manager has drawn attention to this in the risk log!


Just what can be done?


Project Agency is running its Fundamentals of Project Management event.(the link here is ) This is an event of one day duration and will give staff a really good grounding in project management. We resurrected this event after our clients wanted something very quick for their staff. Some are saying that they cannot spare staff for a 5 day certificated event. They need them to attend an event and apply their learning back in the workplace as soon as possible. It comes with optional coaching.


Take a further look here for details of the Fundamentals of Project Management event


Read the survey at the long link below! 


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