Project suspended to relocate desert tortoises

Sometimes the title just takes your breath away. That’s what happened when I read the above title.

I was looking over the internet and came across an article about a project being suspended by tortoises! Yes, it is true, totally. 

Reading the article one wonders whether relocating tortoises or any animals appeared in the risk log or whether the project budget accounted for any delay and the legal costs associated with this project. 

Read the whole story here

What can we all learn from this? 

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One Response to Project suspended to relocate desert tortoises

  1. Very interesting!

    It would be good to know whether the Army did any studies with expert biologists or zoologists to understand what the risks and impacts would be to the animals before they tried to move them from their native habitat. Evidently, they did not.

    It sounds to me like 2 government entities just made a decision at an executive level without doing much risk management whatsoever. (They should have at least factored the risk of getting sued in to their equation!)

    Josh Nankivel

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