Which projects are priority projects?

One of the many complaints that I receive is that there are too many projects going on at any one time. If I do not get the complaint directly, I can see that some people are engaged in 4 or 5 projects and are struggling to deliver.

A post earlier this year suggested that a company had identified the capacity to handle projects – have you?

Top team wanted a prioritisation process for their projects

But, this question needs to be extended and linked to project management priorities.A recent example would help here. We have been working with a client now for a while delivering project management training. We then had a request for training of a top team and we worked with them developing an outline. One item high on their agenda was how to prioritise projects in their own area.

Too many projects …….?

Senior managers realised there were simply too many projects and there was no overall project management prioritisation process.

On the project management training course, I introduced them to a simple model and they recognised this was something that they needed to apply to projects in their own department.

Stage 1 accomplished – getting a department to recognise they needed a prioritisation process. Though its early days results are encouraging.

What about projects in your company or department?

So, are you looking at project priorities? Are staff really working on the right projects?

Food for thought?

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