Do we all need Brilliant Time Management for our projects?

“Do more with less”, or, “we must work smarter not harder.” I must have heard or read those words hundreds of times this year.

The trouble is for those engaged in project management resources are getting tighter and the demands on time are growing. Yes, you can prioritise more  or even template your projects but there is a need to take a look at how we “do things” in our project management world.

Take a step back and have a read of Mike Clayton’s Brilliant Time Management book. Mike takes a really practical approach to time management – he practices what he preaches publishing 3 books per year (Risk Happens! This is out next week.)

Simple illustrations with practical tips

This book is well laid out and I particularly liked Chapter 4 where he suggests that some of your have to activities can become ‘chose to’ activities.

Mike uses animals to illustrate the different ways we view or use our time. He introduces the reader to a number of practical principles and tools with simple examples to support their use.

I was pleased to see the costing of time included in this book! Too many people who come along to our project management courses tell stories of time seeming to be free and there being endless amounts of it…….it costs per hour and this is clearly shown.

This is a good book. It will allow you to step back and look at how we can…. “do more with less” or “work smarter not harder.” The book is available via Amazon and is good value for money.

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