My project is clear, yes it is…oh no, its not!

So, are you really clear what the objectives are for your project? Research by Project Agency  suggests that many people are still unclear about their project objectives.

When asked whether the scope and purpose of their projects is clearly defined some 48% of people suggested this is not the case. Now, it is easy to forget that 52% said scope and purpose were clear, but 48% is a high figure; far too high.

Project Agency operates like many Consultancies in a world where people are often new to project management. They do not have the processes in place which is why we come into contact with them. It concerns me though that people set out on a journey (a project) without knowing where they will be finishing up. It seems only common sense to seek some sort of clarification but yet many do not.

In case you think this is just common to those new to project management then think again. I have worked with several project teams where we needed to spend quite a bit of time clearly defining objectives. These have been experienced project people. It makes me wonder just how effective initial briefings are from the project sponsor!

So, if you are a sponsor reading this simply ask yourself just how good your briefings are and whether you are happy that project managers and team members are all pulling in the same direction based on solid objectives. When was the last time you checked the objectives were being adhered to?

If you are a project managers or team member reading this then are you really clear what your objectives are. If yes, are you all sure? If not…..ask and ask and ask again until you are! Common sense I know, but all too often forgotten. 


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