Are you up to the job?

Those readers in the UK will be familiar with the name Jacqui Smith. She was the Home Secretary who stepped down from her senior cabinet position in June this year.

She has just given a full and frank interview about herself to In it she is asked about a career path for politicians. Her answer is interesting:

“I think we should have been better trained……..there should be more emphasis given to supporting ministers more generally in terms of developing the skills needed to lead big departments….when I became Home Secretary I’d never run a major organisation…..”

Well done Jacqui Smith for her honesty.

I got to thinking about projects – especially large projects. What about your organization? What training do they organize for these project managers? Is it in depth covering not only project management but issues such as running a team (often at a distance), networking, influencing and negotiating and in depth financial management issues?

There’s the challenge: just how well trained are your project managers? Is any training arranged or is it simply get on and deliver?

Jackie Smith went on to say:

“I hope I did a good job, but if I did, it was more by luck than by any kind of development of those skills.”

Be like the British Governmental system and be lucky or train your project managers effectively in a systematic way – taking luck out of the equation stacking the odds of delivery in your favour.

You can read the interview with Jacqui Smith here

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