Strategic Project Management – A Competitive Advantage

Is project management in your company driving competitive advantage?

I have long argued that once the overall company strategy has been agreed, you have a group of projects that drive activity. This has been supported in an excellent article

Prof. Sebastian Green, Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Professor of Management & Marketing at University College Cork, was interviewed by Ed Naughton, Director General of the Institute of Project Management and current IPMA Vice President.

Green suggests that companies are missing a trick by not using project management to support delivery of strategy.

When asked “Do we need to sell to senior executives and chief executives that it will deliver competitive advantage to them?”

Prof. Green replied, “No, I think that we need to show them how it does it. We need to go in there and actually show them how they can use it, not just in terms of delivering projects on time and within cost. We need to demonstrate to them how they can use it to overcome organisational resistance to change, how they can use it to enhance capabilities and activities that lead to competitive advantage, how they can use it to enhance the tacit knowledge in the organisation. There is a whole range of ways in which they can use it. They need to see the proof of the outcome is better than the way they are currently doing it.

This article is well worth a read and wider circulation among the executive community.

You can read the article here 

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