Project Management Is Key to IT Efficiency

Last week I wrote about the need for us to consider using project management as a means to help deliver the overall company strategy

Companies are missing a trick by not using project management to support delivery of strategy.” Commented Prof. Sebastian Green

Computer Weekly highlights research by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Dell which suggests that IT organisations should strip costs out of their day to day operations by investing in better project management. It also suggests a greater standardisation of infrastructure.

The LSE questioned Chief Information Officers and business leaders in the UK, US, Japan, China, France and Germany. Half of executives believed they could save more than 5% of their annual budget by improving IT efficiency and reducing waste.

The survey showed that IT project management was the highest factor that encourages more effective use of IT closely followed by standardisation of technology.

Interestingly, rather than cutting IT staff, IT departments were looking to divert resources from routine tasks to strategic work; using project management as a means to help deliver the overall company strategy…back to my earlier post

This and the previous article clearly show that:

• efficiency savings can be made in IT budgets
• savings can be diverted into delivering key company objectives
• project management can have a major impact on a companies performance
You can read the report here and there is also a video link to the authors.

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  2. I agree – IT Project Management is key to the strategic success of a company. If IT resources are used for menial tasks rather than strategic ones, the company’s investment in its IT resources can be wasted. Our company specializes in IT hardware installation to free IT staff to perform high value work more fitting with their roles and expertise, providing increased value to the company and its shareholders.

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