Will the games go ahead? A failure of governance?

Yesterday, during The Perfect Project Course I asked course participants what words they would use to describe the overall monitoring and control of the projects they are working on. The main ones are captured below:

• poor
• inconsistent
• we don’t manage project changes effectively
• variable
• non existent

We had a break for coffee and during this I checked out the latest news on the web. Unfortunately, it linked back to the above…the Commonwealth Games due to take place between 3 – 14 October in New Delhi

Games beset with problems

The games have been beset with problems and only this week – a few days before the opening – a bridge and a roof collapsed , there have been complaints about facilities not being ready and some of the competitors have pulled out

The issue of project success depends (among other aspects) upon them being monitored and controlled effectively. Some of the probles were known! In January 2010, the Indian Olympic Association vice-chairman Raja Randhir Singh expressed concern that Delhi was not up to speed in forming and organising its games committee and, following a 2009 Indian Government report showing two thirds of venues were behind schedule. Now, with barely 10 days to go teams are delaying flying out and there are some really serious questions being asked.

Prime Minister calls crisis meeting

As I was typing this article, the radio carried an article suggesting that the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is holding a crisis meeting in Delhi in an attempt to sort out the crisis-hit Commonwealth Games. In addition, it was mentioned that New Zealand, Canada and Scotland are delaying sending teams out to the games.

What’s the point of project monitoring if no remedial action taken?

We must only wonder why the games are in this situation however one thing is for sure; it was known that there were problems in this project (unlike those who attended my course) but little or no remedial action seems to have been put in place. Political issue or bad management? We may never know but, with a few days to go, the project may be pulled. The ramifications for India, the government, future games alongside individual athletes are too large to quantify.

Project monitoring – there’s little point in doing it if do not take remedial action to correct any problems, issues and risks happens! Will the games go ahead? Let’s wait and see.

(Go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport for some pictures from the games village)


STOP PRESS Friday 24 September

Most of the competing countries now appear to be going to the games. There is still much press coverage of the poor preparation however, the games will go ahead and teams will compete.

Someone commented on the radio that this was the way that things were organised! If this is true, contingency plans will always be used (if they exist!)

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  3. Simon Griffiths says:

    As a S.African I am tempted to ask, how do you compare the FIFA 2010 project with the Commonwealth Games?

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