Will the grand prix go ahead? Another failure of project governance?

Another week, another major sports project is in doubt! Go here to check out last weeks problems!

This time it is the Korean Grand Prix due to be held on 24 October. Formula 1 Chief, Bernie Ecclestone has expressed doubts over whether the Korean Grand Prix will go ahead saying: “It’s not good. It should have been inspected six weeks ago.”

Why is there concern?

The fact that the Chief of Formula 1 is saying this is a worry. But, why is there concern? At issue is the fact that the track failed a previous inspection, which was supposed to have been passed 90-days prior to the race. Work is currently underway, and a follow-up inspection is scheduled immediately after the Japanese GP, on October 10. However, organisers of the race still seem confident that the event will take place as planned.

Go ahead depends upon luck….

Ecclestone suggests that: Until it’s on there’s always concerns, obviously,” he said. “We have to get lucky and hope it will happen.”

Surely, international sporting events that attract massive audiences (TV, radio plus of course spectators, trackside) deserve better treatment – depending on luck? So do the competitors and massive back up crews.

Failure of project governance?

It seems that the Grand Prix as with the Commonwealth Games needs a stronger governance process, monitoring, checking – call it what ever you want. It appears that these are simply not strong enough. Not a particularly satisfactory way of running major sporting competitions.

In my last Blog posting I suggested that:

“Project monitoring – there’s little point in doing it if do not take remedial action to correct any problems, issues and risks happens! Will the games go ahead? Let’s wait and see.” Instead of the games substitute Korean Grand Prix.

Time will tell but there may be a few nervous people around before the all clear is given – if it is!

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