Auditing your projects to deliver success

How long will your project take to deliver? Longer than 6 months; a year? Maybe longer.

How much will it cost? £5000 or £50,000 or maybe more.

It is always interesting to hear people on our project management courses talk about their projects I get them to talk about the likelihood of their projects being delivered on time and against the agreed budget. The results are not always positive. We often hear people talk about a project that should have been delivered 2 months before and is running over budget. Or the project that has only a 30% chance of being delivered on time.

Do you audit your projects?

It is at this point (usually) I talk about having an audit of the project.

It seems few projects take time out to:

• audit how they are ‘doing’
• check whether they will deliver against the business case
• monitor that the business benefits are still current
• ensure that the priority of the project is still current

The pace of change in companies is huge and we need to ensure that projects are going in the right direction and are still needed. Carrying out a detailed audit should help identify these and many other aspects.

Now I recognise that this should be done in all projects however, what I am suggesting is that for any longer term project (you or your organisation determine what longer term means) an audit process takes place. What is in it, who does it, how it happens all need to be decided locally however for me it is the principle that is important. No audit can mean projects delivered which should have been stopped a while ago. No audit can mean a key business project is starved of the real resources it needs.

Project management pain – let’s have it earlier rather than later

If there is to be any pain; better to have the pain during the project when you can hopefully do something about it rather than at the end!

“I don’t think there’s a company, a management, an audit committee that hasn’t gone back and re-looked at what they’re doing. . . . People are really scrutinizing and (want to) really make sure their houses are in order and clean.” William Esrey

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  2. Excellent post. Fully agree!

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