Do you Deliver?

By Alison Smith

Yesterday I received through my letter box a leaflet about how postal services will run during this summer’s London 2012 games. Royal Mail have said that between 27th July – 9th September the 2012 the games will be on and that deliveries will be affected in certain postcodes. The postcodes quoted cover most of London.  Royal Mail – Delivering for London

Post box in Central London

They have asked people to act to ensure the smooth running of services both for the users, and to enable them to ensure a smooth service during the busy period. They have effectively said please post things during the day, and not just leave things to the end of the day as this may cause delays and some post may be held over until the next day as a result if too much is posted at the end of the business day.

On the plus side they have said that they will start work earlier and work to the usual times to get things done. Also that all delivery services will not be changed (Monday to Saturday deliveries), and that Post Office branches will be open as usual for all the usual services.

My question for you is do you leave things until the end of the day / project and have one big push to achieve your goals?

Like the Royal Mail leaflet says might it be a better idea to be proactive and not reactive in your projects? But how?

Our research points to poor project planning by those engaged in projects – yes, a common pitfall is the last minute rush syndrome. Effective delivery planning is essential for all projects.

This is what we would call the Delivery Planning phase of the project. At this stage you can plan about how you are actually going to deliver the project that you have started. It will also help you to look at any possible pitfalls that may lie ahead when you get to the Delivery phase.

So with a mere 43 days until the 27th July 2012 are you ready for all the changes that you or your organisation may have to make to accommodate a kaleidoscope of issues like:

  • Staff holidays / absence
  • Staff travel
  • Delivery of your services
  • Flexible working
  • Delays due to risk / change control issues

The list could be endless, but I hope that this will get you thinking as London 2012 will be watched not only by those in London, but across the UK and the world – for those who are interested. So wherever you are based it may well have a greater impact than you anticipate.

So again I will pose the question will you leave things until the end of the day / project and have one big push to achieve your goals or will you plan ahead?

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One Response to Do you Deliver?

  1. spverma says:

    Firstly, it’s important that a project or tasks is planned well in advance to avoid last minute changes. Last minute changes could also be much more expensive and less effective on projects. How much time is sufficient will obviously depend on the nature and size of the project. Secondly, it is a good practice to identify your stakeholders and engage them well ahead so their feedback is available in time for planning.

    On the other end, at times it is possible that a project does not have enough resources to deploy for needed deliverables in which case it is fair to expect some workarounds that can cause inconvenience to some stakeholders. There is always room for improvement however the projects must operate within their constraints to deliver best possible value.

    Trust it helps
    SP Verma

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