Can you live without mobile communications?

Bags were packed, tickets ready and fingers on the mobile to turn off roaming and the mobile ‘phone. Why turn off the mobile ‘phone?

It has been a busy period and I wanted a complete break and so did my wife Sue. So, we booked to go to Paris and I did the dirty deed, turned off my mobile ‘phone stopping me getting calls, text messages and emails. Peace reigned!

Just over two hours later I found myself in Paris and I have to admit, my fingers were getting a bit itchy and I put on my phone. What a shock waited. I received a text message saying that the Leeds Rhinos coach had resigned entirely unexpectedly. An exchange of text messages between Paris and my friend Laurence in Leeds resulted in me being completely confused why he had resigned. I could hardly concentrate getting to the hotel; I do not even remember how we got there! But, I was not convinced that I needed to look on line and turned the ‘phone off.

The next day saw me with the phone well and truly off. That was until I realised I has misplaced a credit card. On with the phone and cancelled the card. At the same time, I wanted to check on a small water leak in our central heating system so a call to Alison revealed it was not too bad and could wait for treatment until we were back.

Was I getting withdrawal symptoms as for some reason some 24 hours later, I put the ‘phone on at the Palace of Versailles. Was I glad? Yes! I received a text message saying that the Government Planning Inspector had turned down a planning application locally – something I and many more had fought against. I ate my lunch with a smile on my face!

The phone was off for most of the next few days. I say mostly as I did send a few test messages to our daughters and received some back – they were fine. But no emails!

So what conclusions do I come to? Can I do without my mobile phone? My objective was to leave it off for most of the time while away. Was the objective achieved? It was probably on more than I planned however, I am pleased I did not check on my emails – I did come back to over 200! If yours is one of these you should receive a response in the next 24 hours!

What about you? Can you do without your phone? Let me know

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