They threw ‘it’ away

I had a really thick client file in front of me which went back 6 years. It needed thinning down so I set about my task with a ruthless eye.

I stopped when I came across some documents from a pilot course for project sponsors; the course was 2 years ago.

The documents I came across were post course suggestions for the company to improve and further develop its project management capability and maturity. The suggestions were made by senior managers. Since the course, I have been in touch with this company several times to see if any progress was made against some of the suggestions: looking at having a corporate PMO, role development for sponsors and project managers, the role of one of the boards to be clearer over project funding. These were just 3 of several suggestions.

Now look at the investment made:

  • management time to organise the pilot. (There were several internal meetings and papers to get approval.)
  • my fee including development costs
  • the cost of the room hire
  • the cost of 12 senior managers being ‘off the job’ for a day

Now look at the results: some positive feedback around 2 people actually carrying out their roles more effectively but little else. There was no actual movement on some of the core issues discussed.

I asked myself, should I throw away the papers around this course? It seems that this company has done this already!



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3 Responses to They threw ‘it’ away

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  2. Great post, Ron, but unfortunately all too often repeated and seen in too many organisations. There is too little effort to develop the corporate will at senior levels. Pash

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Great to hear from you Pash, I hope all is well with you.

      You are unfortunately correct that there is little effort to develop the corporate will. I am as are many to try and change this.
      Thanks again Pash. Best wishes


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