What would you do if….?

Yesterday I went to the gym. It was cold, damp and generally pretty awful but, I dragged my aching body out of bed. It was 0622!

Imagine my surprise when I pulled into the car park and saw LA Fitness in North Finchley dark, no lights. It was closed. Around 20 people congregated out side grumbling about the lousy service – it should have opened at 0630. Several people came and went and several like me waited and eventually left. I felt very annoyed that the gym had not met my needs!

After I calmed down I started to think about what had happened and the link to project management.

We have had some very poor weather here in the UK with transport links being severely curtailed. It is also the time when flu has hit the UK  and I tried to speak with a project manager who was sent home by his company because he is unwell. Add to all of this incredibly tight staffing levels and you have some real risks for projects and companies.

Is staff absence on your risk register? If it is not you know what you must do! If it is, what steps are you taking to ensure the project runs effectively, that someone can take over? This is not as far-fetched as some of you may seem. I have had several people comment that the project managers has gone off sick or a key player involved in the project is not available. The impact on the project – delay!

So, what would you do if………? Is it worth developing a contingency plan or series of them? What about your risk plan? How robust is it and how frequently do you review it?

As for LA Fitness, I eventually found out that normally two people open up the gym. One was on course and the other ill, hence late opening and not pleasing their customers. Looks like a risk and resource planning issue.

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