I don’t know where to start with this project.

We have developed a very practical project management course and towards the end of the last day of one of our courses one of the participants said:

“This handbook is great and really does support the course. Do you have a one page summary?”

I must admit, I was not too pleased with the comment as:

• I had no summary document as such!

• I saw myself working a long time to summarise 60 pages into one sheet

Check sheet helps to deliver projects

During the journey home I reflected on the comment. I soon realised that the question was not only reasonable, but required an answer. It was a Friday and on Saturday I got up to some really awful weather. Social plans were cancelled so I spent quite a bit of the weekend thinking about a possible solution. I developed a project management checklist – a simple workable solution to the question have you got a one page summary.

Feedback has been really positive with people suggesting they would use it:

• at the start of a project to kick start the process

• to review a completed project to identify what was missing

• to audit a current project ensuring it really does deliver project benefits and is on time and to budget

Many people have benefited using this check sheet and you can now do so by downloading it here

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