How good are you at influencing?

People bring problems to our project management courses – we ask them to! The interesting issue is that most of them are people management issues

Problems can be categorised as:

• Engaging with people

• Getting people on board

• Communicating effectively

I am not an expert in influencing skills but one person who is and who can address the above is Mike Clayton.* He has written a great book that is an easy read called “Brilliant Influence. What the most influential people know and say”

This is a book packed full of tools and techniques to help those in projects (and of course those outside projects) to develop influencing skills.

Mike takes a simple pragmatic approach to the topic. He introduces the reader to a wide range of tools that can be used in different circumstances. His examples are clear and the book is well laid out.

What does the book cover?

The book covers the fundamentals of influencing (some common sense approaches, appearance decisions and understanding the psychology of influencing)

The book then moves into the importance of your message and the power of how you say it.

Finally, there are 4 chapters full of strategies (the above parts also have many strategies) that you can adapt to fit your own situation

I think this is a must read for all project managers. Why? The many problems that people bring to courses are people issues. If only a small sum of the strategies and techniques in this book were used the life of the project manager would be made a little easier. I cannot guarantee instant success – only you can but by following the strategies and tips in this book it will help.

Get your copy of “Brilliant Influence. What the most influential people know and say”

*How many books can you write? Mike Clayton has written the following:

Management Models Pocketbook – pub Aug 2009
Handling Resistance Pocketbook – pub Sep 2010
Brilliant Influence – pub Nov 2010
Brilliant Time Management – pub Dec 2010

There are another 3 scheduled for publication this year! Now that is some project!

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