So, what have I learned this year 1?

As the year draws to a close, I sat last Sunday and decided it was time to reflect – after all, I am asking or have suggested others should do this, try here and here . Out came the note pad and I started to make some jottings. This is part I,  part II will appear next week. These are … Read More >

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Lessons learned or lessons identified…?

Last week I wrote about different countries – same project management issues. The article highlighted some of the problem faced by project staff, issues that are pretty common in all of the countries visited. But what are companies doing? This is a question I asked within the article. The reality is very little! On a recent project management course I … Read More >

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Different country, same project management issues

This last 2 years has seen me visit Switzerland (4 times), Northern Ireland (twice), Amsterdam, USA (3 times) and UAE. (This is in addition to the many different visits to various parts of mainland UK.) The experience has been good and the groups very passionate about learning and project management. I usually include a session on what goes wrong in projects. What … Read More >

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Do you really engage with stakeholders?

I came home after a long day looking forward to a lazy evening relaxing. But as I approached my garage (behind my house) the way was blocked by a lorry discharging its load. To explain; there is a building site at the end of the road where a series of apartments is being built (whatever happened to the word flat?). … Read More >

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So, how good are you?

I said; “So why not score yourself against the criteria you have just developed? “ The course participants launched themselves into the activity and they took it just a bit further than even I imagined! So let me explain what they were actually doing and how it came about. During a recent project management course we were discussing the need … Read More >

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Have you really tested out your project before delivery?

Last weekend saw the UK carry out a national exercise to test out the UK’s plans to tackle Ebola. While often being critical of the government this is a good sign; testing to see how well we deal with a possible outbreak of Ebola. It reminded me of the many occasions during courses, when someone describes a big project that … Read More >

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