Every project manager needs management models.

Deliver that project is the cry, but how, I often hear? Much emphasis is placed on the use of different methodologies and quite right too. However, there are many tools and techniques that project managers and project teams should be using to help them deliver their projects effectively. Step forward Mike Clayton who has written a very useful book called … Read More >

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Can You Answer These 5 Critical Project Management Questions

Glen Allman writes a great Blog. He is based in the United States and writes extensively about project management. In a recent blog called he describes 3 elements that need to be present in projects. You will not be surprised to see these are: • people • processes • technology He expands on each element and went on to ask … Read More >

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Are you up to the job?

Those readers in the UK will be familiar with the name Jacqui Smith. She was the Home Secretary who stepped down from her senior cabinet position in June this year. She has just given a full and frank interview about herself to totalpolitics.com. In it she is asked about a career path for politicians. Her answer is interesting: “I think … Read More >

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Surrogate project sponsor puts projects back on course

A recent experience set me thinking. I was coaching a group of people who had been on one of our project management training courses. A couple of the sessions are briefly recorded below: • a project to increase bottom line sales profit. The project manager showed me his plans. All goods stuff; getting internal systems right, recruiting some new staff … Read More >

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My project is clear, yes it is…oh no, its not!

So, are you really clear what the objectives are for your project? Research by Project Agency  suggests that many people are still unclear about their project objectives. When asked whether the scope and purpose of their projects is clearly defined some 48% of people suggested this is not the case. Now, it is easy to forget that 52% said scope … Read More >

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Is your project grey? If it is it’s a risk!

No, this is not some new patented Rosenhead colour scheme to categorise projects! Or maybe it is! Let me set the scene. I was talking with a woman who is involved in a partnership project – it involved her company working in partnership with a key supplier. In the process of describing the project she mentioned that there were a … Read More >

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