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How will you deliver projects with a skills shortage?

Yes, there is a skills shortage in the UK. CIPD talks about ‘The troublesome job of replacing EU workers’ The Telegraph ‘UK firms from engineers to banks struggle to fill skills shortage’ City A.M. ’UK employers expect to face a shortage of skilled workers in 2017, and one in three will be under “severe pressure” to find suitable employees’ Now … Read More >

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Should a sponsor be able to delegate?

This was a question that set me thinking. However, let me give you some background. I was with a client and I met two senior managers who set the context for some upcoming sponsor workshops. I then met around 40 people – some team members, a mix of project managers and project sponsors to identify: perceptions project managers and staff … Read More >

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How often do you take the helicopter view?

I have recently emerged from an incredibly busy time. Various courses need to be prepared, researching (including a visit to the it The British Library), writing and discussions with clients. I was so busy that I did not even have time to blog! Then I took a step back. In fact, it was to take a helicopter view. You see, … Read More >

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My Big Cry – Confronting My Limiting Factors

Over the years I have read many blogs, articles, tweets. They all add to my knowledge base and I can use and do use many of the ideas in the running of project management training courses. One very powerful Blog I read recently was written by Susanne Madsen.  I met Susanne earlier this year discussing many issues including project management … Read More >

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Project Managers need to delegate

The project is in full swing; the project manager is so busy they cannot talk about the football match last night and was in early (again) today. The deadline for the procurement report (a significant part of the project) is a day late and you need it urgently. Meanwhile, you notice the project team are relaxed, not too busy and … Read More >

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