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We cannot communicate – it’s hopeless

Not my words but the words of someone on one of our project management courses. It sounds pretty desperate doesn’t it? Well for this person, it was and for the project team and the company. I will not go into the details of this particular project but will use it to highlight the ever growing issues that arise on our … Read More >

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C+ for effort but could you have done any better?

I was reading. It was a great novel, thoroughly engaging and the story line was excellent. It was a real page turner. For some reason my attention was drawn away from my book and I realised that there was silence all around me. I was with my wife in Terminal 5 at Heathrow on the way to Washington DC awaiting … Read More >

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Project sign off – do people really know what this means?

All projects need at some stage or other, formal sign off. Maybe it’s the business case, or an end of stage review or a change control document. What is interesting talking with senior managers and some project managers is that I am not convinced that the person signing off the document realises what they are signing off. Why do I … Read More >

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Project communications – MUCH more effort needed

One area that always seems to raise its head in any company we work in is communications. It really gets people’s emotions going. In project management training course participants openly speak about how poor communications are within their company projects – something of an irony? Figures collected by my company Project Agency show that 69% of people questioned feel that … Read More >

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Develop your communication skills or your projects will fail!

I have been collating statistics on a number of aspects of project management for quite some time. This includes project management communications. 67% of people said that communications were poor in their projects. This is a huge percentage and has remained pretty constant for quite a while. I came across an article with entitled; “How to sell an EA project … Read More >

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Project communications….why are they so poor and what can be done about this?

Project Agency has surveyed around 2,500 people. One of the results of this survey has been the large percentage of people who suggest that project communications are really poor. 71% suggested that project communications are really poor. NOT a good result! Many people on courses (outside the sample survey) suggested that the results mirror general communications in the business. This … Read More >

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