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Failed project costs taxpayers £50million

Headline news in the British press today (see here and here and here and) shows the risks in getting a project very badly wrong. A project designed to get best value for the tax payers (the franchise to run the West Coast rail service) has finished up costing an estimated £50million and the contract still needs to be tendered out! … Read More >

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How good are your listening skills?

By Alison Smith A couple of weeks ago I joined  the Hornsey Community Choir. I do sing and like to sing, but other than some theory / practical training whilst learning the flute, I have never had any formal training. Apart from feeling a bit nervous to get right what was being asked of me, I soon learned it’s not … Read More >

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What role do you play in this project?

I had an interesting discussion with a new client. They wanted me to run a series of project management training coursed based on their in-house approach. I met a couple of the key people in the organisation and asked for all the project documentation they had. As soon as I saw the documentation I realised there was a problem; role … Read More >

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Project managers need to cope with uncertainty. What are your ideas?

I watched a presentation given by the President of APM, Martin Barnes where he talked about a range of project management issues. The one that struck me was that those involved in projects need to deal more effectively with uncertainty – he summed up the situation by saying “work is uncertain and won’t go away” He talks about every war … Read More >

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More investment in training & developing internal project management process is needed

Do you have consistent project management?

Much publicity has been given to the government’s announcement today that a consistent method of food labelling on the front of front of packaging ‘would start next year.’ A combination of guideline daily amounts, colour coding and “high, medium or low” wording will be used to show how much fat, salt and sugar and how many calories are in each … Read More >

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Your first project

So, your boss has just given you your first project. You know that there are some processes and points you should cover in delivering the project but you are unsure where to go next. Here are some pointers to help you deliver on time and to budget and make that good impression! Define your project One of the first things … Read More >

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