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How to say no without saying no!

I wrote a Blog some 4 years ago called “When a Project Manager has to say no.” It was based on someone who attended one of our project management courses who wanted me to tell him how to say no. Well, the same thing happened recently. Someone quietly came up to me at the first coffee break and said that … Read More >

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The numbers simply don’t stack up.

In 2009 I wrote a blog called Projects at NIL cost! Essentially, I found that (too) many project managers were working on projects without including any estimate of the cost of their time. In general, management time was not costed. Move forward to October 2012 and the West coast mainline franchise fiasco. (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/oct/03/west-coast-mainline-rail-franchise-cancellation-reaction) It is interesting to see that … Read More >

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How good is your project planning?

No, I do not mean production of Gantt charts or estimating time and money or using planning software or even developing a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). I mean developing a plan so you have sufficient capacity and capability to deliver the overall project management agenda. Capacity – sufficient project manager’s to run the projects you have already and are likely … Read More >

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“Can you show me how to produce a Gantt chart?”

I received the above request a few days ago and I was taken aback by what lay behind the request. I asked a range of questions: what are the objectives for this project? what is your role in this project? who has asked for the Gantt chart? what is the end date for the project and the value of the … Read More >

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How creative are you and your project team?

Can The Personality Traits of a Project Manager Contribute to Project Success?

From time to time we publish a guest Blog – this is a guest Blog by Michelle Symonds which is well worth a read. Certain personality traits can contribute to the success of a project manager and other traits can hamper the effective management of a team and a project. So cultivating certain personality traits and moderating others can lead … Read More >

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What do you do when someone does not take responsibility?

The course was going really well. Great participation, good questions and lots of relating the course back to their own projects and their own places of work. Then came the question: “so what do you do when someone does not take responsibility?” The person mentioned that on several projects they had been involved in one person let down the team. … Read More >

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