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Are you always thinking customer care in your projects?

It was a bad afternoon. I had three arguments on the phone. Two were with banks and one with a utility company. I put the phone down about 4-15 pm feeling exhausted and not happy. I decided the best therapy was to go for a walk and I enjoyed the sun of North London. It struck me part way through … Read More >

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C+ for effort but could you have done any better?

I was reading. It was a great novel, thoroughly engaging and the story line was excellent. It was a real page turner. For some reason my attention was drawn away from my book and I realised that there was silence all around me. I was with my wife in Terminal 5 at Heathrow on the way to Washington DC awaiting … Read More >

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So what’s this project going to be like?

The project has been signed off, the team established, stakeholders identified and communicated with, initial risk assessment is favourable. I asked a group of people on a recent project management course an important question; do they ever think what it is going to be like working on the project they are assigned to? The response was quite muted. I however … Read More >

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I’ve started so I’ll finish (the project) *

How many projects you have worked on or have come across that should have been stopped part way through? How many projects have suddenly outlived the original intention? How many projects are so far behind schedule that no matter how many people you throw at it, it will not be delivered by the due date? I’m talking about the stopping … Read More >

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Do you search for development needs of project managers?

I looked at the overall process and it looked very good. There were however some areas which aroused some concern for the client. Let me explain. The process I am referring to was a project management process and was pretty solid. My role was to train people in its use. The conversation identified 2 clear areas of need There were … Read More >

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Project management problems – it’s those stakeholders

Yes, it’s the stakeholders who are to blame for the majority of those project problems…well that is how it looks. Let me explain. I ask people who come along to our Perfect Project Course what goes wrong in projects. The list is pretty long and when you start to analyse the lists it does not take too long before you … Read More >

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