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Who does what, when and how…?

The atmosphere in the room was tense so I decided to intervene and summarised as follows: this group is a mix of project managers and project sponsors this sponsor workshop is focusing on clarifying roles – role of the project manager and role of the project sponsor alongside steering groups (project boards) it seems that roles are not at all clear … Read More >

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You want them to understand…but do you really understand?

It is an interesting situation. It is also disturbing. Why? Project managers and project team members are not able to articulate why they are doing the project (what problem are they trying to address), nor what they are doing. Let me explain what I mean in more detail. When running a project management course, I prefer participants to work on … Read More >

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How well do you organise yourselves

Over many years I have asked many many groups of people who attend project management training courses the above question. The answers are clearly many and varied but one thing does stand out – the long hours worked by project staff. It was therefore refreshing to see an article that said the company  has looked at this issue and made … Read More >

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Twenty years of stakeholder meddling

My wife and I were invited to friends recently. We met a few people we had not met before and the conversation was flowing. Then, it slowed somewhat when our host asked: what’s the latest with the tennis club? The couple looked at one another and it seemed as though it was automatic their body language changed: raised eyes to … Read More >

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People deliver projects; not processes

It has been an interesting few months working with clients and listening to some of the issues course participants face: My sponsor takes a too hands on/off approach and I find it difficult to deal with I have a team member who despite saying they will deliver simply does not. No matter what I do they always fail to deliver … Read More >

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Who should attend project management training?

I must get at least 3 calls per months where the conversation moves from can you run a project management course to the  above issue. Needs are being identified and courses set up (qualification or non qualification) and people put their names forward (sometimes via their manager) to attend the courses. What could be simpler? My concern is with this … Read More >

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